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The TanzArt ostwest festival is based on an innovative cultural concept entailing the whole of Europe and which puts an emphasis on "stage dance". Hence, "TanzArt ostwest" contributes considerably to cultural exchange, international networking and creating a tight web between dance companies in Eastern and Western Europe.

This is the first international project which focuses exclusively on "contemporary dance" and is furthermore realised on the basis of a mutual artistic exchange between eastern and western European dance companies. The main focus of this project is on bringing together dance companies from Eastern and Western Europe in order for them to choreographically develop further the contemporary language of contemporary dance and the dance theatre and to enable innovative artistic work.

The aim of the TanzArt ostwest festival is to:

- intensify the lasting and long-term establishment of a network between dance companies, theatres and already established cultural institutions.

- show the different choreographic developments and tendencies in Eastern and Western Europe through a mutual exchange of choreographic work, thus making them palpable in their continuous development, not only for the audience and choreographers, but also, and most importantly, for the dancers.

- raise the awareness of the theatre audience for contemporary dance, that is, to first of all introduce them, as an audience, to contemporary dance at all.

- to regard dance, as a contemporary art form, not in isolation but to create a network with other forms of performing arts (painting, stage photography etc.);

- to consistently enlarge the number of participants in this project, thus achieving a coming together and a tightening of the artistic interaction of all those involved;

- make visible for the audience, the diversity in contemporary choreographic handwriting. The TanzArt ostwest festival is based on a virtual ring model, i.e. every company involved in this project actively participates with an artistic contribution in the events held by the other companies and also agrees to host (at least) one event themselves, in return.

Artistic director TanzArt-ostwest, Tarek Assam

Conceptual assistance: Mechtild Hobl-Friedrich, impresario